What brings you joy?
How do you creatively express your purpose in the world?
What fears hold you back from truly becoming yourself?
What does your uniquely beautiful life look like?

Should you choose to embark on a Life Design journey with me, together we will explore your vision for a nourishing, creative, and courageous beautiful life, as well as the obstacles — fears, beliefs, wounds  — that impede the manifestation of your vision. We will discover together the contours of your uniquely beautiful life.

The urgency to live life to its fullest has pressed on my heart for as long as I can remember. This quest for aliveness, to squeeze the juice out of life and every precious moment we are given, has guided my work as a psychologist over the last two decades as I have sat with many sincere seekers and helped them explore what makes up their canvas of life, to discover together what colors and textures are used to design their beautiful life.

This quest for a truly beautiful life — filled with the qualities of courage, gratitude, creativity, connection, nourishment, space, love — has been at the center of my 30-year spiritual journey. This commitment to designing a beautiful life has also been the guiding principle that informed our family’s decision to pack up our wonderful yet familiar life in Northern California, and move to the uncharted (for us) land of Europe for a year.

How does one create a beautiful life? What is the process and what are the elements that make up a wondrously good life? In this blog and in my Life Design consulting work I am actively exploring the elements that make up a beautiful life. If you feel moved, come, take a journey with me into yourself and discover the design of your own beautiful life.

Call or email me to set up a 30 minute complimentary consultation to explore the possibility of working together…

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